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BRCTV and BRWD collaborate on ‘Water’

Boothbay Region Water District has teamed up with Boothbay Region Community TV to produce a short video about protecting the region’s public water supply. For anyone who thinks the subject sounds boring, you are in for a pleasant surprise.

“The water district has been working to raise awareness of how limited our local public water supply is and what we can do to help protect it,” Water District Natural Resources Program Manager Sue Mello said. “This video helps us move beyond words on a page. It hopefully will help people directly connect with what’s at stake.”

Filmed entirely within the watersheds of Adams Pond and Knickerbocker Lake, BRCTV videographers Ryan Leighton and Jonne Trees, using state of the art cameras, drone footage and professional editing, have beautifully captured the local streams, ponds and the people and animals that rely upon them. Tamara Lilly’s elegant, professional narration completes the package.

“This video not only highlights the beauty and fragility of our watersheds, it also demonstrates the amazing capabilities of BRCTV,” Mello said. “The response to the video so far has been great. We feel lucky to have BRCTV right here in Boothbay.“

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