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This is what is playing on cable and our TV Streaming Apps.

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Enjoy a Better Viewing Experience
with our New TV Streaming Apps

You don't need cable or a laptop to watch our shows! With our new TV streaming apps you can enjoy all of our fun and relevant content right in your living room on your favorite HDTV! Did we mention it's free? Just search for "brtv" in the channel store on Roku or search "brctv" in the app store on Apple TV.

Roku and Apple TV are devices you plug into your TV (much like your cable box) that give you access to live and on-demand shows streamed over the internet, instead of traditional cable TV. The advantage is more choice in what you want to watch, higher quality viewing, and the ability to pause live TV. If you prefer cable please tune into channel  7 or 1301 to watch our content there.

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