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The Boothbay Region- A Place To Call Home

When we were first tasked to make a promotional video for the Boothbay region, I knew I wanted to tell a story that would be genuine to its people.

Over the years, the Boothbay region has grown a reputation as a bustling tourist destination that reaches its peak season during those hot, short-lived summer months. But for anyone who has stuck around for the "off season," it's obvious that this place is much more than gift shops and hotels. (Although the gift shops and hotels are just as important,) I wanted to include as many facets of the region as possible.

This would be a different kind of promotional video.

The goal was to appeal to a broad audience. So for the past year, our film crew has been recording footage from all seasons and from as many perspectives as possible. To really capture the essence of this place, we blended written prose and an original soundtrack to accompany the hi-definition video.

The most gratifying part for me producing the video was reaching out to all the local people, businesses and organizations. As a native to Boothbay, sure, I knew of these people, but seldom had a chance to really sit down and connect. Once we did, it was amazing to see how many people not only supported our project, but also supported the idea of promoting the region as a place for everyone.

Although we couldn't fit absolutely EVERYTHING into the video, we definitely intend to make more promotional videos featuring the colorful characters and spectacular places here.

We hope you, the viewer, are pleased with our effort. As a film crew, we are forever thankful to have such a welcoming community to work with and always support our artistic endeavors.


-Ryan Leighton

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