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Boothbay Harbor Sensory Aerial Tour

Sound design was a particular focus in the production of this piece, taking inspiration from childhood memories and conveying them through sound.

The opening composition is a shot of the Boothbay Region High School and I found it appropriate to accompany that visual section with sounds of an orchestra warming up during rehearsal. As a child I played bass clarinet and eventually, the tuba. We can also hear crowds cheering for our sports teams.

This aerial was shot at around 6pm, hence the number of church bell rings sounding as you pass over St. Columbus Episcopal church.

The sound composition gracefully changes and you'll now find tranquil sounds of birds chirping, frogs groaning and crickets singing as you pass over Penny Lake Preserve. Once an ice farm until the beginning of the 20th century, now a great location to experience nature, not far from the bustling downtown.

You'll notice the song picks up in pace as we gain altitude and change course over Mill Cove. The sound composition has changed rapidly from tranquility to ocean and harbor sensory.

I've always loved the bright yellow color of the Boothbay Boatyard warehouse. The perspective of the harbor is unique in this shot. Sun to our back and a great 4K view of Cabbage Island in the distance. Ships blow their horns and trucks scurry around below.

As we spin around, we make our way back to the YMCA where we took off. The Carousel and the north end of Penny Lake settles into frame. Following 27 north, we make our way toward the Boothbay common and eventually settle at the newly constructed club house. If you look closely you can see the silhouette of Mt. Washington just to the right of the sun.

I've truly loved this community my whole life. This is the first a many nostalgic videos of the series.

- Cody Mitchell

Music: "Time Lapse" by Ludovico Einaudi

Aerial sensory tour of Boothbay Harbor in April, 2016. Complete gallery of Aerials available here:

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