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Gardens Aglow

We had heard for months that a new show was coming to town. We had heard about the miles of electric lights strung from trees, and the thousands of people that would flock to the spectacle.

And boy, was it a spectacle!

Our film crew jumped at the chance to capture Gardens Aglow in all its splendor. At the same time we wanted to hear about how such an impressive project came to be.

We spoke with Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens director Bill Cullina and others who first envisioned this massive endeavor. We then blended it with the immense beauty that happens when millions of colorful bulbs shine bright, lighting up our corner of Midcoast Maine.

This was the inaugural Gardens Aglow event. With the success of this year, there will be many more for years to come, according to CMBG.

Enjoy the show! We sure did.


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