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Chef Stephen Richards and BRCTV launch new cooking show

Chef Stephen Richards of the World is Mine Oyster is the latest culinary expert to throw his hat into the showbiz ring as he prepares to launch his new television series, “Catch ’n‘ Cook,” with a premiere party in Boothbay Harbor.

Richards, who earned the title of Maine Lobster Chef of the Year at the signature event of Harvest on the Harbor in October 2014, stars in the series, produced by Ryan Leighton, Jonne Trees, Benjamin Abbe and Cody Mitchell.

The show will air on Boothbay Region Community TV (BRCTV) beginning in early August. Each installment of the show will feature Richards and a local farmer, fisherman or forager searching for and preparing mouthwatering creations from the freshest local seafood, meats and produce the region has to offer.

Joining Richards on the first episode are Captain Andy Carter, a local lobsterman, and friend Peter Oakes.

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