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E1: "Uncle Vernie"

After spending several years in the city, Ryan uproots his urban life to start fresh in a small town in the coast of Maine. On his first day in Boothbay Harbor he discovers more to this place than meets the eye.

 Era Man 

  Season 1 

Meet the Creators

Cody Mitchell

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Cinematographer & Editor

Ryan Leighton

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Writter & Director

Brian Papineau

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Special Effects &

Prop Master

Era Man is a new dramatic series set in the heart of coastal Maine. When Ryan, moves from the city to start a new life in Boothbay Harbor, he discovers a world of uncanny and colorful characters. Set amongst a traditional New England fishing village, mysterious circumstances soon unravel the strings that bound the small town community. A New Community Production, in association with BRCTV7, presents a stylized indie episodic produced with natural characters, events and venues. Sustaining the show with a zero dollar budget while showcasing the talent existing in the region is something of a spectacle.

Era Man BTS

Behind the Scenes

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